OLY RESIN 20 (A+B) is a two-component fluid epoxy resin with low viscosity, high adhesion, extremely wetting, ideal for impregnating high grammage fabrics and tapes and for easily penetrating cracks and micro-cracks (up to 0.3 mm thick), with excellent dielectric properties. It is supplied in two pre-dosed containers (A resin + B hardener), of which the “A” part is oversized to allow them easy mixing. OLY RESIN 20 is CE marked as structural bonding according to EN 1504. OLY RESIN 20 (A+B) guarantees high adhesion and versatility. It is used for structural reinforcement fabrics impregnation, “Beton-Plague”, injections on damaged structures and vertical and oblique anchors.

  1. The surfaces must be dry (new concrete must have a seasoning of at least 4 week), free of inconsistent parts and clear of dust, grease, paints and release agents.
  2. Mix component “B” (hardener) in component “A” (resin) and mix with a low-speed drill (200-300 per minute) until a perfect amalgam is obtained, taking care not to incorporate air during mixing. In case of fractionated mixes respect the proportions in weight (not in volume) indicated on the packages.


For injection use a special gun or low-pressure pump


Cleaning of the hole with compressed air. If the length of the holes does not exceed 40 cm, pour it by gravity and insert the bar by rotating it on itself to allow the excess resin to escape from the hole. If the holes are longer, fill the by injection with a special gun connected to a plastic tube that goes down to a depth of half of the hole, then insert the bar.


Once the surface for the intervention, spread the fabric and with a suitable metal roller, apply pressure on the fabric to facilitate adhesion and to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Apply OLY RESIN 20(A+B) with a brush on the fabric in several coats to favour the total fabric impregnation. All these operations will be performed wet on wet. In case of multiple layers consult our Technical Office.

6 kg (A: 4 Kg + B: 2 Kg) Pallet – 100×6- 600 Kg

18 kg (A: 12 Kg +B: 6 Kg) Pallet – 20×18- 360 Kg