OLY RESIN 20 V is a two-component medium viscosity epoxy adhesive. The product is solvent-free and does not exhibit shrinkage upon hardening. It has excellent adhesion to various substrates such as concrete, steel, brick, wood and natural stones and is used as an adhesive and impregnating agent for the fabrics of the OLY TEX line for the structural reinforcement of vaults, pillars, beams, floors, walls.

  1. The surfaces must be dry (new concrete must have a seasoning of at least 4 week), free of inconsistent parts and clear of dust, grease, paints and release agents.
  2. The surface must be sandblasted and possibly leveled to eliminate roughness greater than 1 mm. The substrate must have a direct tensile strength greater than 1.5 N/mm
  3. Mix component “B” (hardener) in component “A” (resin) and mix with a low-speed drill (200-300 per minute) until a perfect amalgam is obtained, taking care not to incorporate air during mixing.
  4. In case of fractionated mixes respect the proportions in weight (not in volume) indicated on the packages. Apply the resin by brush or roller respecting a consumption of about 1,6 kg/m² and spread the tape or fabric.
  5. Massage the tape or fabric with a special roller so that the resin comes out of the fibers and complete, if necessary with additional resin to be applied by brush, the impregnation of the fibers.
  6. If the application requires additional layers of fiber reinforcements, apply a subsequent coat of OLY RESIN 20 V with a consumption of approximately 0,8 kg/m², spread the tape or fabric and repeat the passage with the roller.

Metallic tins Kg 6 (A+B).

Metallic tins da Kg 18 (A+B).