OLY TEX GLASS600 UNI-AX HR is a 600 g/m² unidirectionalglass fiber fabric with highmechanical resistance specific forstructural consolidation of masonry, wood and in some cases inreinforced concrete.

The FRP consolidation systems obtained by laying a fabric such asOLY TEX GLASS 600UNI-AX HRwith suitable epoxy resins such asOLYRESIN 10 (A + B)andOLY RESIN 20(A + B)guarantee excellent resistance characteristics traction, allow you to easily remedyprecarious situations affecting both vertical structures and horizontals, allowing, unlikeinterventions made with traditional materials, reduced invasiveness, as they allow to keepthe dimensions of the previous elements and the weight almost unchanged of the sameand therefore of the entire structure. Composite materials have undoubted advantages:very high tensile strength, low specific weight, high resistance to environmental stresses.They also have the advantage of being applied quickly and minimally invasive. Thereinforcement properly placed can be subsequently plastered with traditional plasters onthe market.

1.Preparation and cleaning of the substrate in order to obtain perfectly clean and drysurfaces with sufficient mechanical characteristics.

2.In the case of uneven surfaces, it must be regularized with suitable hydraulicmortars.

3.In the case of surfaces with irregularities of less than 2 mm, apply two-componentepoxy resinOLY RESIN 10 (A + B).

4.Application by brush of a first layer of two-component epoxy resinOLY RESIN 20 (A+ B)following the instructions in the relative technical data sheet.

5.Installation of theOLY TEX GLASS 600 UNI-AX HRfabric with fibers oriented as perproject and subsequent treatment with a special bubble-break roller.

6.Apply a second layer ofOLY RESIN 20 (A + B)“fresh” and subsequent treatmentwith a suitable bubble-breaking roller.7

.If the subsequent laying of civil plasters is necessary, it is advisable to first carry outa manual dusting with quartz sand on the still “fresh” system to increase the usefulsurface of the adhesion.

50 ml rolls with standard widths from 10 to 50cm.