OLY WALL-I is a high sulphate resistant injection mixture and low content of water-soluble salts, based on a natural NHL hydraulic lime with addition of natural pozzolan and carbonate filler, specifications formulated to sack masonry or cut stone regenerate and consolidate, OLY WALL-I is CE marked in according to EN 998-2, has a low water-soluble salts content and is physically and chemically compatible with the original components of the masonry, with similar mechanical characteristics. It can be injected with any supplied pump or cavity with special injectors;

OLY-WALL-I guarantees durability and a good performance in improving static and dynamic behavior, with low water-soluble salts content, is not susceptible to degenerative chemical reactions with sulphates in masonry and has compensated shrinkage and high breathability. It has mechanical characteristics comparable to masonry structure, allows a homogeneous and isotropic structural behavior of the restored masonry and has high chemical compatibility with the material used in historic buildings, it is also very easy to apply thanks to fluidity with low ratio water/binder and high penetration power with consequent saturation of small cracks and to the absence of segregation in the mixture during the injection.

OLY WALL-I must be mixed with drinking water respecting the quantities shown in the table. It is advisable to introduce ¾ of necessary water into the mixer, continuously adding the product and the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained; the product must not be added with any other component besides the mixing water. OLY WALL-I must be injected into the walls with normal pumps, manual or electric, at low pressure, by means fixed injectors in the perforations, and proceeding from lower holes towards the upper ones. Do not remix the product by adding water once it has started set.

Sack 25 kg

Pallet 60×25 – 1500 Kg