OLY WALL NHL 3,5 is a natural hydraulic lime NHL 3,5, hazelnut color, which can be colored on site with colored earths, is cooked at low temperature, according to traditional techniques. The high quality of natural hydraulic lime allows to obtain a product that does not give rise to efflorescence and with a low content of water-soluble salts, compatible with the components used in ancient masonry; in contact with water, lime reacts to form basic products which are not very soluble and very stable. The CE marked product will have a UNI EN 459 009/CPD/A46/0003 certificate. The advantages include: high performance (low soluble salt content; the high quality of the product allows to obtain mortars without efflorescence); compatible (the raw materials used are cooked at low temperature according to traditional techniques; chemical compatibility with the materials used in historic buildings); versatile (can be colored on site with colored earths; can be used for “like-for-like replacement” interventions, grouting and stylization of brick or stone elevations).

Mixed with washed sand of suitable granulometry and water in the right proportions, OLY WALL NHL 3.5 allows to obtain masonry mortars to carry out interventions of “like-for-like replacement “, grouting and stylings of brick or stone elevations.

OLY WALL NHL 3,5 must be mixed on site with drinking water and with washed aggregates of suitable particle size and color; the dosage varies from 350 to 400 Kg/m³ depending on the use. The mixing water must be dosed to the bare minimum, based on the humidity of the aggregates: any excess water decreases the final performance of the product. It is advisable to introduce 3/4 of the necessary water into the mixer, adding the product and the remaining water continuously until the desired consistency is obtained. Mix thoroughly until a perfect amalgam is obtained. The surfaces to be treated must be compact, perfectly washed with pressurized water and moistened to saturation, without water in stagnation. Apply with normal manual or mechanical equipment. Do not mix the product by adding water once it has set. Apply on clean, dust-free surfaces, inconsistent parts, paints, grease and any other material that could compromise good adhesion

Sacks of 25 Kg.

Pallet 63×25 – 1575 Kg.