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“Turnkey” solutions for your construction sites

Olympus not only supplies innovative solutions for structural and seismic reinforcement of buildings, but can also take care of all the services required in big construction sites to fully support the company all along the works.

Supply + lay-up

No matter where your construction site is located in Italy, Olympus can take care not only of the delivery of materials on time and of meeting the purchase terms, but also of the systems lay-up.

Thanks to a network of more than 60 specialising companies all over Italy, we can deploy extremely skilled and experienced workers on your projects.

Additional services

What are you looking for in your construction site along with the materials and lay-up?

Olympus is always ready to supply additional services to assist you in getting to really “turnkey” solutions. 

For instance:

  • urgent deliveries in 24/48 hours
  • workers’ training
  • on site inspections
  • support during testing

Dealing with a single company as reference point, both for the supply of materials and other services, represents a unique advantage for the construction supervisor and inspection tester leading to an enormous saving of time and resources. 

A dialogue with a single go-to person enables to fix any issue and solve any unexpected situation, quickly and effectively, even in quite big and structured construction sites.

Certified solutions for structural reinforcement


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