Olympus SAFE

Safety arrangement for floors and partitions with certified systems by Istituto Giordano SpA

The buildings’ safety arrangements are a highly topical issue, both in the public and the private interest, also due to the criticalities not directly connected to the load bearing structures which can cause a risk for the safety of people. Major damages were caused by the latest seismic events leading also to social and economic consequences. Not only human lives were put at risk, but also the general economy of the country was impacted and its historical and architectural heritage given the enormous amount of economic resources needed to restore entire areas hit by these disasters.

OLYMPUS SAFE line places itself in this scenario by providing immediate solutions to prevent possible damages. The company has always aimed at conveying strength to structures by acting on those portions of the building influencing its load bearing properties. In recent years, moreover, following the numerous news reports all those members have become relevant, that in a calculation model are often not contributing to the load bearing property of a structure and are thus defined as non-structural. We are referring to hollow floor blocks, curtain walls and secondary members which, though not connected to the load bearing property, may be involved in losses in terms of money and human lives. Those members have often caused failures leading to the buildings being declared unfit for use and also causing losses and risks for human lives.

OLYMPUS SAFE system provides: anti-debonding techniques, or procedures to be followed to fight against the debonding of some members of the soffit floor slabs such as hollow floor blocks, members to lighten the concrete and masonry floor, plaster etc; systems allowing to prevent those out-of-plane movements such as overturning of more or less big parts of curtain walls, thus conveying an effective connection among the structural components of floors and partitions, representing the non-structural member. The proposed systems imply  bi-directional glass fiber meshes featuring a high mechanical strength and diverse grammages anchored to structural members (joists/beams and columns) by means of specific ties.

Olympus SAFE line

Olympus SAFE systems are certified by Istituto Giordano with different configurations based on the type of floor to be put in safety and the level of performance expected.

Anti-debonding systems

Oly Safe

anti-overturning systems

Oly Safe