Olympus SAFE anti-debonding

Anti-debonding systems certified by Istituto Giordano SpA testing laboratory

The phenomenon of  debonding concerns a big portion of Italian construction industry, particularly the public works(ie. Schools and offices) built between the ’40s and the ’70s. Only 50 years later, though, this issue concerning the non-structural members emerged, which were often ignored, like clay-bricks (sc. Hollow flooring blocks). And yet, although not being a purely structural problem, (or better it only partially is) in the event of debonding  up to 100 kg. of materials can detach and fall down  (plaster and bricks) and square meters of floor. It is, thus, an extremely serious issue if we consider for instance a school classroom. Olympus SAFE anti-debonding systems allow to find a remedy and prevent this phenomenon by creating a safe environment.

Olympus SAFE anti-debonding systems are available in two different configurations:

  • Olympus SAFE dry anti-debonding system
  • Olympus SAFE mortar anti-debonding system

The two versions differ for the use of structural mortar where the system is plunged and conveying a evener mechanical response with a consequent increase of the limit cargo load of the system.

Olympus SAFE anti-debonding line

Olympus SAFE line products are certified by Istituto Giordano in diverse configurations based on the type of floor that needs to be strengthened and based on the level of performance expected.

Possible employs

The phenomenon commonly called debonding is quite frequent particularly with specific types of concrete and mortar floors.

It is basically the break off and fall of the “base plate” or the brick laying underneath the joists in certain types of floors as consequence of the oxidation of the existing rebars in the joist.
In more general terms, though, it can also refer to any phenomenon of decay causing the failure of plaster and bricks from the soffit slab of any type of floor. Although not being a structural intervention, this type of solution allows to protect objects and people from potential risks.

Download the technical handbook of Olympus SAFE anti-debonding systems


New floors anti-debonding systems certified and engineered

Olympus engineered and certified anti-debonding systems of the OLY SAFE line at the Istituto Giordano laboratories to test their strength both with dray lay-up or with mortar from the OLY GROUT WALL line. Discover more

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