Italy Patent NA2007A000078
Released 22nd June, 2007
Inventors: Ph.d. Eng. Domenico Brigante, Prof. I. Crtivelli Visconti, Ing. Antonio Pompa  

The invention consists in a tensioning systems with bars in fiber composite material which enables to create a tensioning status by compression within the member under intervention between two plates for the distribution of load. The methodology can be broken down in two main phases (phase I) a preventive impregnation of fibers and use of pre-polimerized bars connected to shooting sleeves by means of a resin injection system; (phase II) creation of a tensioning status by compression on the member under intervention with the bars in composite material. . 

Cementitious fiber-reinforced material for structural and non-structural applications. 

Italy Patented modulus NA2008A000050 
Registered 2008
Inventors: Ph.d. Eng. Domenico Brigante, Prof. I. Crtivelli Visconti, Ph.D. Ing. Claudio Cigliano  

The invention consists in a cementitious matrix material with mechanical properties and resistant to high temperatures, reinforced with fibers featuring great mechanical properties, both dissolved and composite, incorporated in a specific non-cementitious matrix and featured by a geometry and a superficial finishing suitable to convey a better adherence to the cementitious matrix.  The material is obtained from the dry pre-mixing of the three phases, that is the cementitous component, the two previously described fiber-phases, the additional components required to convey the expected properties and the successive addition of a liquid phase specifically composed. The so obtained material has the following features:
– great resistance to high temperatures – high mechanical strength, – absence of micro-crackings – high resistance to oxidation and in general to corrosive agents – fast and easy lay-up- no need for high specialized applicators (it can be prepared and applied as a traditional cement avoiding lay-up mistakes)
– absence of toxic components- no need for special warnings or additional operations during lay-up
The patented system is extremely simple and fast to be applied, is highly flexible and this makes it suitable for any basic geometry.

Structural reinforcement system of elevated poles with the use of fiber-reinforced materials. 

Italy Patented modulus NA2009A000074
Inventors: Ph.d. Eng. Domenico Brigante, Ing. Mario Rampini 

The invention consists in a structural reinforcement system to obtain a reinforcement of elevated poles. The reinforcement system uses fiber-reinforced composite materials applied on the pre-existing pole to increase its mechanical properties. The so reinforced system features improved mechanical structural properties and can show a reduction of the flexural deviation of the end.
The patented system is also featured by a fast lay-up, high flexibility which makes it suitable for any kind of basic geometry and the reduced geometric impact compared to the original structure. 

Creation of a railway pantograph head in composite material 

Inventors: Ph.d. Eng. Domenico Brigante, Prof. I. Crtivelli Visconti, Ph.D. Ing. Claudio Cigliano  

The invention concerns the creation of one of the main components of a pantograph, the contact strip carrier, with composite materials. It exploits its intrinsic anisotropy property and the possibility to insert the reinforcement where needed to lighten the above mentioned component.

Manual, automated impregnation machine for composite materials

Italy Patented Modulus NA20A00002334
Inventors: Ph.d. Eng. Domenico Brigante 

The patented invention consists in a machine enabling to carry out the phases of impregnation, resin excess removal, rolling and air bubbles removal with a single semi-automated machine.