Olympus® has been designing solutions for structural reinforcement for 20 years with comprehensive systems to strengthen safety standards and the buildings’ static and seismic performances.
FRP, FRCM and CRM systems represent the most effective option available on the market. The company is constantly evolving thanks to its ongoing investments in R&D.

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Olympus FRP

Structural reinforcement and seismic upgrading with FRP systems with Technical Conformity certificates

The most suitable solution for structural reinforcement projects concerning reinforced concrete, masonry, wood and steel infrastructures and for seismic retrofit and upgrade.

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Olympus SAFE

Safety arrangements for floors and partitions with certified systems by Istituto Giordano SpA

Use of certified floor anti-debonding systems and anti-overturning devices for panels with fiberglass AR meshes and special connection kits.

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Olympus STONE

Structural reinforcement of masonry with FRCM and CRM systems

GFRP preformed meshes in fiberglass, basalt and fabrics in steel fiber for effective solutions, suitable also for historical and prestigious masonries.

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Olympus FLOOR

Concrete collaborative slabs lightened with fiberglass GFRP reinforcement meshes

The new systems enable us to produce also low thickness collaborative floor slabs to reinforce wooden, steel and concrete-masonry floors with lightweight concrete and light and stainless GFRP preformed meshes.

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