Olympus STONE

Structural reinforcement of walls with FRCM and CRM systems certified CVT

The historical and artistic heritage of our Country features so many masonry structures, both in private buildings and monumental interest structures. Plenty are the buildings requiring some structural reinforcement interventions and numerous are the seismic events having caused damages to buildings, thus resulting in a need for restoration works.

With a view to conveying these masonry structures an adequate performance level, OLYMPUS makes available its new Olympus STONE systems which uses  preformed glass fiber GFRP meshes to convey an increase of mechanical properties of the masonry members. 

Reinforcement systems obtained by applying glass fiber meshes of the OLY STONE line allow for an easy solution of structural gaps involving vertical structures, thus reducing the invasiveness and ensuring a greater durability over time, differently from the works carried out with traditional materials.

Olympus STONE line

FRCM Systems


CRM Systems




The products of the Olympus STONE line are engineered and characterized in order to guarantee the best results in the consolidation of existing structures.