Research & Development

Innovation at the service of construction

Olympus has been active in innovative technologies and composite materials for buildings structural reinforcement for 15 years.

The discipline and passion we’ve put in the industry and the partnerships with the Italian universities as well as the renowned Istituto Giordano and its laboratories of the Building Science Division resulted in a daily commitment by our R&D division to look for innovative solutions at the service of construction industry.

Olympus investments in Research and Development is relevant and this made us a leading company in our industry, both nationally and internationally and particularly in Europe and Central America.

1. Patents

Patents ensure that the solutions engineered by Olympus are really unique. We designed and patented machineries, new materials, computation softwares and structural reinforcement systems proving to be a cutting-edge company focused on a safe and innovative construction industry.

2. Certificates

Olympus uses strict quality, safety and professional criteria in its procedures. We can rely on qualified technicians, specialized applicators and innovative equipments. These features resulted in our company obtaining the quality certificate required for the industry in each of the Countries where we work.



3. Publications

The Research and Development activity carried out at Olympus also resulted in the publication of 7 books written by Domenico Brigante, founder of the company.



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