Who we are

Professionalism and pragmatism, from research to the construction site

Olympus is a 15-year-experience Italian company in the field of innovative technologies and composite materials for seismic and structural reinforcement of monumental and strategic interest buildings. Thanks to the passion and professionalism we put in our work and the fruitful partnerships with universities and prestigious research centers, we are now a reference company in the construction industry, boasting numerous patents and publications. After being involved in major projects in Italy, we headed towards European and Central America markets.

Investing in research

Olympus is not simply engineering seismic and structural reinforcement systems, but is also making every year significant investments in Research and Development activities. Our aim is keeping up with a constantly-evolving industry from a regulatory point of view and also engineering innovative technology-intensive solutions  to enhance the safety of buildings, facilitate the work to applicators and limit work costs.

We deliver services to any-size construction businesses  

Along with high quality solutions for seismic and structural reinforcement, Olympus is also delivering a range of added-value services, diversified based on the size of the construction site involved:

General Contractor

We ensure fast deliveries of orders to big constructions sites at a unique quality/prize ratio, included the lay-up, onsite inspections and final testing.


We can be a reference partner for SME’s of the construction industry not only by supplying certified ad hoc solutions, but also assisting during the design phase, materials acceptance check and lay-up.


We work side by side with surveyors, architects and engineers all over Italy by sharing not only our quality solutions, but also our human resources and know-how for design and vocational training.