Quality Management System Certificate pursuant to Quality standard ISO 9001:2015

 ISO 9001 certificate is a guarantee of our  constant improvement of the efficiency levels over time  in terms of organization and  product/service quality, with a view to preventing errors, constantly monitoring the processes and effectively meet the  client’s needs.

Technical Assessment Certificate CVT

Oympus-FRP systems are certified under the Guidelines of the Higher Council of Public Works with a Technical assessment Certificate

FRP systems are supplied in form of kit, containing more component to be combined during the lay-up phase to form the FRP system to be used for structural reinforcement.

Certificate of Technical assessment


Anti-debonding System OLY SAFE Certificate

OLYMPUS has engineered and certified the anti-debonding systems of the OLY SAFE line to ensure the highest possible safety of buildings. A testing campaign has been conducted at the Istituto Giordano SpA laboratories on the 1:1 scale cement and mortar floors to assess the resistance of OLY SAFE systems applied both dry and with the OLY GROUT WALL line mortar.

Anti-debonding systems certificate