Anti-debonding System Oly SAFE Certificate

Engineered and certified by the Istituto Giordano

Laboratory tests conducted on cement and mortar floors and on girders and hollow flat blocks

OLYMPUS has engineered and certified the anti-debonding systems of the OLY SAFE line to ensure the highest safety for buildings. A testing campaign has been conducted at the Istituto Giordano SpA laboratories on the 1:1 scale cement and mortar floors to assess the resistance of OLY SAFE systems applied both dry and with the OLY GROUT WALL line mortar.


OLY SAFE system consists in:

  • anti-debonding techniques or procedures to carry out to tackle debonding phenomena of members from the soffit floor slabs, such as hollow floor blocks, lightening members of concrete and mortar floor, plaster etc.
  • systems allowing to prevent out-of-plane movements of walls such as overturning of more or less large portions of infill walls, thus conveying an effective connection between the structural components of the frame and the partition which is the non-structural component.

The proposed systems consist in bidirectional meshes in glass fiber featuring a high mechanical strength and diverse grammages anchored to structural members (joists/beams and columns) using specific connectors.

Laboratory testing

The specimen undergoing the testing consists in a containment system in glass fiber applied on the soffit floor of a portion of a concrete and mortar floor with joists pitch 500 mm mounted on a frame obtained with steel tubes.
The containment system consists in:

  • OLY MESH GLASS 250: structural pre-formed glass fiber AR GLASS mesh (alkali-resistant)  leno woven and with PVA size, mesh sizes 25 mm × 25 mm;
  • OLY CONNECT NYLON: with 6 × 70 mm screw;
  • OLY CONNECT NYLON FLANGIA: nylon flange diameter 60 mm with gripping surface;

Testing modality

The test has been conducted by placing a vertical load by means of a press stamp in multi-layers wood on a portion of the mesh close to the center of the simulated floor. An opening as big as a brick was left in this central area, so to be able to place the vertical load directly on the glass fiber mesh.  

The load was placed continuously till the failure of the glass fiber mesh or of a component of the tested containment system.

The load test was repeated twice. The first two tests were conducted without applying the mortar, only on the fastened glass fiber mesh, by means of a dowel and flange system to the concrete joists of the floor. In the third test the load has been placed on the glass fiber mesh fastened to the soffit block of the floor with a dowel-flange system and painted with a fiber-reinforced mortar. In all the tests two 1 m long sheets of mesh were used, overlapped for 15 cm. After exerting the pressure on the center of the floor until the failure of the system, the third test exerted a stress on the lateral portion close to the floor edge. 

Oly SAFE App

Following the testing campaign a specific software was developed, OLY SAFE APP, enabling the technicians to test the OLY SAFE system on any type of concrete and mortar floor.

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