Sisma Bonus 110%

OLYMPUS has developed software to quickly calculate the cost of the interventions necessary to increase a seismic class of buildings in reinforced concrete. with three-dimensional frames, with the simplified method.

As indicated in attachment A to the Guidelines for the classification of the seismic risk of buildings, for reinforced concrete buildings it is possible to consider the transition to the immediately higher Risk Class valid, performing only local strengthening interventions and even in the absence of a prior attribution of the Risk Class. This is only possible if the structure was originally conceived with the presence of frames in both directions and if all the following interventions are carried out:

  • confinement of all non-confined perimeter nodes of the building;
  • works aimed at preventing the overturning of the cladding, carried out on all the perimeter cladding present on the facades;
  • any restoration works in the damaged and / or degraded areas.

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