Helical Bar OLY CHAIN 316

OLY CHAIN 316 is a helical bar made of cold-drawn AISI 304 stainless steel with high mechanical performance, suitable for reinforced jointing and for connections on one side or passages on masonry, reinforced concrete, arches and vaults.

Suitable for seismic adaptation of structures located in areas at risk and for interventions on buildings of historical and cultural interest. It has excellent durability and is installed quickly with ease at a low cost. It has a good resistance to atmospheric agents and a perfect adherence to any matrix used for grouting. It also has very high tensile and shear strength. Being inserted in the joints, OLY CHAIN 316 is non-invasive and does not spoil the initial appearance.

Make a pre-hole with a diameter smaller than that of the bar inside the masonry.

Insert the OLY CHAIN bar into the hole by applying uniform pressure and using a special mandrel.

Rolls: 10 m

Bars: 1 m