Hydraulic Mortar OLY FER

OLY FER is a one-component, hydraulic, re-alkalizing, anti-corrosive hydraulic mortar for reinforcing rods. It has a strong adhesion to concrete and iron, high alkalinity, excellent impermeability to water and atmospheric harmful gases. The rapid setting of the product allows to considerably simplify the laying times when restoring reinforced concrete structures with exposed reinforcement. It is made up of a synergistic system of corrosion inhibitors, CE marked on the basis of UNI EN 1504-7, as envisaged for those that can be used in view of the protection against corrosion of the reinforcement.

OLY FER is used for the anti-corrosive protection of reinforcement rods in view of the restoration of degraded reinforced concrete structures in combination with non-shrink mortars.

OLY FER it is ready for use with a simple addition of drinking water according to the quantities shown in the table. The metal reinforcements in sight must be freed of the concrete in contact with them; bring the white iron reinforcements using a sandblaster, a needle gun or with mechanical brushes. Mix OLY FER with drinking water until you get a brushable consistency and apply by brush on the metal reinforcement to be protected; then proceed with the subsequent restoration with non-shrink mortars.

Plastic bucket of 5 Kg.

Pallet 80×5 – 400 Kg.