OLY GROUT MX is a quick-setting and controlled-shrinkage thixotropic repair mortar suitable for the restoration of deteriorated concrete and as an inorganic matrix for the application of FRCM systems with structural networks in carbon fiber, glass fiber, basalt fiber. OLY GROUT MX is a mortar composed of hydraulic binders resistant to sulphates, aggregates selected high-performance synthetic fibers and additives that give excellent thixotropic plastic rheology and ensure high adhesion to the substrate. OLY GROUT MX complies with the European standard EN 1504-3 class R4.

OLY GROUT MX it has excellent physical-mechanical compatibility with concrete and other artificial stone materials. Resistant sulphate product. Plastic-thixotropic rheology optimized to facilitate application and reduce installation times. Physical-mechanical performance guaranteed and fiber-reinforced with high-performance polyacrylonitrile fibers.

Excellent dimensional stability. Guaranteed durability due to the high resistance to carbonation.

The substrate must be perfectly clean, compact, free from dust, grease, paint, etc. Carefully remove the degraded and inconsistent concrete by hammering until a compact support is found. The surface tensile strength of “Pull off” concrete must not be less than 1.5 MPa, as indicated by the quality control procedures of the substrate according to EN 1504-10. If the substrate has lower mechanical characteristics, the designer will evaluate the measures to be taken to protect against the poor characteristics of the original material (consult the Technical Department). The metal reinforcements in view must be freed from the concrete in contact with them by using a needle gun; sandblast the total surface and protect the metal reinforcements with OLY FER applied by brush. Saturate the area to be treated, taking care to eliminate any stagnant water at the time of casting. Mix the product for max. 2 minutes with a cement mixer or, in the case of small mixes, with a drill and whisk. Add ¾ of water required and continuously the product and the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained. Apply with a trowel or spray with suitable plastering machines. If a continuous coating is required with OLY GROUT MX, it is essential to bushhammer the total surface, place a suitable galvanized electro-welded wire mesh connected and anchored to the support, and apply the mortar with a thickness such as to create a concrete cover of at least 2 cm. When application in several layers is foreseen (for thicknesses greater than 3 cm), between one coat and the other carry out smoothing, roughening with a notched trowel, hydro-washing and wetting before proceeding with the application of the next layer, making an interval between hand and the other at least 12 hours. For different application times between the two coats, consult the Technical Department.

25 kg bags

Pallet 64×25 – 1600 Kg