OLY GROUT T4 is a ready-to-use thixotropic anti-shrinkage hydraulic mortar with the addition of synthetic fibers and corrosion inhibitors. It has high mechanical resistance to both short and long curing, strong adhesion to concrete, high resistance to sulphates and excellent durability even in highly aggressive conditions (marine areas, de-icing salts, acid rain). It does not contain metal particles and is free from chlorides. OLY GROUT T4 is CE marked as R4 structural mortar based on UNI EN 1504-3 and complies with UNI 8147. Among the advantages are: high performance (final mechanical development required for R4 mortars within the first 7 days); no risk of cracking; versatility (mixed with additives or latexes it is used for applications with specific needs); available in variants with different types of grain size and fibers; durability and resistance to environmental aggressions proven by works dating back to the early 1980s; excellent workability and ease of application (manual or mechanized).

OLY GOUT T4 it is used for consolidation and restoration of reinforced concrete works. (pillars, beams, cornices, balcony fronts, road and rail bridges and viaducts, canals, dams, tunnels); functional and structural recovery of stone or brick walls and vaults


The substrate must be perfectly clean, compact, free of dust, grease, paints, etc. Carefully remove degraded and inconsistent concrete by hammering until a compact substrate is found. The surface tensile strength of the “Pull off” concrete must not be less than 1.5 MPa, as indicated by the quality control procedures of the substrate according to EN 1504-10. If the support has lower mechanical characteristics, the designer will evaluate the measures to be taken to protect against the poor characteristics of the original material (consult the Technical Office). The metal reinforcements in sight must be freed of the concrete in contact with them by using a needle gun; sandblast the total surface and protect the metal reinforcements with OLY FER applied by brush. Saturate the area to be treated, taking care to eliminate any stagnant water when casting. Mix the product for max. 2 minutes with a cement mixer or, in the case of small mixtures, with a drill and whisk. Add the ¾ of water required and, continuously, the product and the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained. Apply by trowel or spray with suitable plastering machines. If a continuous coating is required with the OLY GROUT TIXOTROPICO T4, it is essential to bushhammer the total surface, place a suitable galvanized electro-welded metal mesh connected and anchored to the support, and apply the mortar with a thickness such as to create a concrete cover of at least 2 cm. When applying in several layers (for thicknesses greater than 3 cm), carry out straightening, roughening with a notched trowel, hydro-washing and wetting between one coat and the other before proceeding with the application of the next layer, passing between hand and the other at least 12 hours. For different application times between the two coats, consult the Technical Office.

Sacks of 25 kg

Pallet 60×25 – 1500 Kg