OLY MESH CORNER GLASS 66x66W is a preformed structural corner in fiberglass with epoxy resin suitable for guaranteeing continuity of mechanical performance of fiberglass networks for structural reinforcements and the consolidation of walls and openings such as windows and doors. The corner complies with the “Guideline for the identification, qualification and acceptance control of preformed mesh systems in fiber-reinforced composite materials with a polymer matrix to be used for the structural consolidation of existing buildings with the CRM reinforced plaster technique ( Composite Reinforced Mortar) “Issued by the CSLLPP Central Technical Service in 2019.

OLY MESH CORNER GLASS 66x66W guarantees excellent mechanical characteristics, allows you to easily remedy precarious situations affecting both vertical structures and horizontals, allowing, unlike interventions made with traditional materials, reduced invasiveness, as they allow to keep the dimensions of the previous elements almost unchanged and their own weight and therefore of the entire structure. Composite materials have undoubted advantages: very high tensile strength, low specific weight, high resistance to environmental stresses. Furthermore, they have the advantage of being applied quickly and minimally invasive. The reinforcement properly placed can be subsequently plastered with traditional plasters on the market.

  1. Incorporate the corner element OLY MESH CORNER GLASS 66×66 W in the middle of the layer of mortar, ensuring an overlap of at least 15 cm with the adjacent meshes, in order to guarantee mechanical continuity.
  2. If the subsequent laying of civil plasters is necessary, a manual dusting with quartz sand should be carried out beforehand on the still “fresh” system to increase the useful bonding surface.

The corner is available in bars with a height of 200 cm, with a standard width of 30 + 30 cm.