OLY ROPE CARBO  is a structural element with a circular section in carbon made up of monodirectional carbon filaments that are put together to form a “strand”; it is widely used in the consolidation of building structures, both new and historical-monumental, for the construction of reinforced nails, chains, intrados reinforcement of vaults, reinforcement of masonry or anchors on masonry.

OLY ROPE CARBO compared to traditional steel chains, bars or strands, is not affected by corrosion phenomena and allows you to make holes with a much smaller diameter than traditional interventions, reducing damage to the original structures.

  1. Make the hole for the accommodation of the OLY ROPE CARBO “strands” using appropriate mechanical equipment.
  2. Cut the OLY ROPE CARBO “strands” to the length required by the project, taking care to consider the length necessary for the appropriate connection systems, if required.
  3. Apply the primer OLY PRIMER (A + B) on the surfaces of the holes subject to the reinforcement after having thoroughly cleaned and dried them following the instructions in the relevant data sheet.
  4. Prepare the resin OLY RESIN 20 (A + B) following the instructions in the relative technical data sheet and manually impregnate the strand making sure to use protective gloves and all other appropriate safety devices.
  5. Insert the OLY RESIN 20 resin (A + B) into the hole following the instructions in the relevant technical sheet.
  6. Insert the strands inside the holes, paying attention if required by the project, to leave the ends free for the appropriate connection systems

The connectors are available in 10ml rolls, with 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter