OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F is a ready-to-use mortar based on natural hydraulic lime, CE marked according to UNI EN 998-2 for masonry mortars, fiber-reinforced mortar, tested for non-emission of gamma radiation; uses entirely recyclable natural materials, cooked at low temperatures, reducing emissions and energy consumption; it is free to Chrome VI. OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F uses low soluble salt content materials and when in contact with water forms hydrated products not very soluble and very stable, of basic nature and has reduced hydraulic shrinkage. It is compatible with historic buildings materials and guarantees improvement in the static and dynamic behavior of the structure.

OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F guarantees high mechanical resistance and has mechanical characteristics comparable to masonry structure, allows a homogeneous and isotropic structural behavior of the restored masonry. Thanks to high mechanical strength is used for masonry structures consolidation: reinforced plaster, consolidation of vaults through the creation of collaborating hoods, FRCM reinforcements, armed grouting, entrapment of

foundations of curtain walls.


OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F must be mixed with 22% drinking water. It is advisable to introduce ¾ of necessary water into the mixer, continuously adding the product and the remaining water until the desired consistency is obtained. Mix thoroughly until a perfect amalgam is obtained; the product must not be added with any other component besides the mixing water. Apply with normal manual or mechanical equipment. Do not remix the product by adding water once it has started set.

In case of mixing with plastering machine, load the hopper with OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F and adjust the flowmeter to a flow rate of 5-6 L/min, depending on the machine used, until the desired consistency is obtained. Apply OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F from a distance of 20 cm, from the bottom of wall towards the top. For plaster thicknesses greater than 30 mm, the application must be carried out in several coats, applying successive layers on the previous non-floated layer.  OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F must be applied on clean surfaces, free of dust, inconsistent parts, paint, grease and any other material that could compromise good anchoring.

Sacks of 25 kg

Pallet 60×25 – 1500 Kg