OLY MESH GLASS 250 is a pre-formed structural mesh in AR glass fiber (alkaline resistant, with at least 17% zirconium) woven with a leno and primed with PVA suitable for structural reinforcement and consolidation of walls, floors, screeds, vaults, concrete and flooring . Suitable for the anti-shattering of floors and for the anti-tilting of primary and secondary partitions

OLY MESH GLASS 250 guarantees excellent mechanical characteristics, allows you to easily remedy precarious situations affecting both vertical structures and horizontals, allowing, unlike interventions made with traditional materials, reduced invasiveness, as they allow to keep the dimensions of the previous elements almost unchanged and their own weight and therefore of the entire structure. Composite materials have undoubted advantages: very high tensile strength, low specific weight, high resistance to environmental stresses. Furthermore, they have the advantage of being applied quickly and minimally invasive. The reinforcement properly placed can be subsequently plastered with traditional plasters on the market.

The net is available in rolls of 50 ml length and 100 cm height.