OLY MESH GLASS 250 is a preformed structural fiberglass mesh AR (alkaline resistant, with at least 17% zirconium) for structural reinforcement and consolidation of masonry, floors, screeds, vaults, concrete and flooring. Suitable for anti-shelling of floors and for anti- overturning of primary and secondary partitions.

OLY MESH GLASS 250 allow to easily remedy precarious situations affecting both the vertical structures and the horizontal elements. Unlike interventions realized with traditional materials, they reduce invasiveness, maintaining practically unchanged the size and the weight of the items. The composite materials have undoubted advantages: high tensile strength, low specific weight, high resistance to environmental stress. They also have the advantage of being applicable in a rapid and non-invasive way. OLY MESH GLASS 250 mesh can be used for the reinforcement of masonry and sometimes used with appropriate mortars


Apply the reinforcing mesh on clean and possibly restored surfaces. Apply with appropriate structural mortars such as OLY WALL STRUKTURA or similar. Apply connectors per square meter such as OLY CHAIN in stainless steel.

Mesh is available in rolls of 50 mt and height 100 cm