OLY MESH GLASS 320  is a preformed structuralfiberglass mesh AR(alkaline resistant, with at least 16%zirconium)leno weaveand primed with PVA,forstructural reinforcement and consolidation of masonry,floors, screeds, vaults, concrete e flooring. Suitable foranti-shelling of floors and forrolloverof primary andsecondary partitions.

OLY MESH GLASS 320guarantees durability, compatibility with all supports, usable with lime mortar and cement mortar, and it is resistance to weathering and aggressive environments.It is speed and easy to cut and apply, lightness, thin, radiolucent and manageable. The reinforcement hasexcellent mechanical properties and does not rust.

  1. Instructions for correct installation1.Plaster demolition up to the masonry surface
  2. Cleaning of paint, oils and powders
  3. Surface washing and wetting until saturation
  4. Trowel or spray application with appropriate plastering machine of a first layer of mortar of the type OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F following the instruction in the technical sheet
  5. Apply on fresh mortar OLY MESH GLASS 320, with overlapping strips of 15 cm
  6. Trowel or spray application with appropriate plastering machine of a second layer of mortar OLY WALL STRUKTURA-F. Total mortar thickness must be between 5 and 15mm with a single net.However, with more than one network it cannot exceed 30 mm.Note: in order to ensure the adequate collaboration of the reinforcement with the masonry,we recommend the use of connectors ofthe OLY CONNECT line of appropriate diameter.

Rolls: height 100 cm, length 50 m