Universal Connector OLY CONNECT SAFE

OLY CONNECT SAFE is the universal connector suitable for fixing of pre-formed structural networks in AR fiberglass (alkaline resistant, with at least 17% zirconium). The connector consists of a 4-way universal nylon plug having a size of 8×40 mm, a galvanized steel screw having a size of 6×70 mm and a nylon flange having an external diameter of 58 mm. The expansion of the dowel ensures excellent sealing both in solid elements such as solid bricks and concrete and in empty elements such as hollow bricks or plasterboard; the blocking of the anchor is guaranteed by effective anti-rotation wings during installation; made of nylon allows use in a wide range of temperatures between -40°C to + 80°C; the collar prevents the plug from entering the hole; the galvanized screw has excellent resistance to corrosive actions.

Make the hole with a diameter of 8 mm, insert the dowel into the hole, screw the screw after inserting it in the appropriate hole of the fixing flange; seal the flange by closing the cap.

To fix the anti-punching systems for floors made with AR fiberglass preformed nets of the OLY MESH GLASS line, apply the connectors in the ratio of 3/m2.

Box: 100 pieces